Toolkit: Getting Started with Virtual Cinema

With tips and practical guidelines for cinemas and distributors

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About this toolkit

Want to get started with virtual cinema, but not sure where to start or which approach suits you best? This toolkit will help you get started. It was developed to help cinemas and distributors make those choices. Each chapter of this toolkit is organized according to a theme, from audience to programme. For each theme, the main conclusions from the research are shared, provided with possible choices, practical tools and real-life examples. This gives you a broader picture of the possibilities of virtual cinema and makes it easier to choose the building blocks that lead to a suitable business model. That is: a business model that suits your specific needs. There are no ready-made solutions, but there are all kinds of possibilities. So use this toolkit mainly as a guide to start the discussion internally and externally and to further shape virtual cinema.

The practical tips and tools are based on the experiences of Medialoc, specialist in digital technology solutions to facilitate hybrid cinema events. They also build on recent research on the opportunities and challenges of virtual cinema in Europe. This involved 129 respondents from 25 countries: both cinemas and film distributors of European arthouse films. The research was commissioned by Medialoc and Picl (pioneer in virtual cinema) as part of the REACH’M project and conducted by the University of the Arts Utrecht.

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